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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Halladay For Clayton Kershaw??

After a day at the waterpark in Wildwood, I tuned into ESPN to see what they were saying about the Red Sox deals yesterday. I caught the piece where Karl Ravech and Steve Phillips were talking trade deadline rumors. Phillips went onto to say the Dodgers should deal 21 year old Clayton Kershaw to get Roy Halladay. His reason, which I can't dispute, is the Dodgers get possibly the best pitcher in baseball for a young, up and coming starting pitcher.

As a Dodgers fan, and Kershaw owner in UBA, I don't want to see them deal Kershaw for two reasons: 1. Kershaw could become a Halladay-type pitcher in the next few years, and 2. Kershaw is the Dodgers 2nd best starting pitcher this season, and could be their best starter next season if he continues to pitch like he has the past two months.

OK, I admit, as a Kershaw owner I don't want to se him dealt to an AL team.

Should the Dodgers deal Clayton Kershaw for Roy Halladay?