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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies Moving On From Roy Halladay??

Yesterday it was reported that the Phillies are moving on from negotiating a trade for Roy Halladay. It was also reported that the Phillies are not going to include pitching prospect Kyle Drabek in a deal for Halladay.

Furthermore, we also learned that the Phillies, Dodgers among a few other teams had scouts watching Indians pitcher Cliff Lee pitch vs Toronto last night.

Its very possible that the Phillies think they are in a position that they don't need to trade their future for Halladay now that their lead in the NL East seems to be growing by the day. They have a healthy Cole Hamels, a resurgent Joe Blanton and Jamie Moyer, and a breakout pitcher in J.A. Happ.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are still looking at dealing for either Halladay or Lee, but apparently the price is too high for this current time. Given the fact that Jason Schmidt returned from the DL on Monday is not changing the fact that they still need an ace starting pitcher. Should Chad Blllingsley get hit around again in his next start, I have a feeling that Dodgers GM Ned Colletti will cave and meet the demands for either Halladay or Lee,

Should the Dodgers trade for Halladay, who manager Joe Torre loves, should the Phillies answer by trading for Lee?