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Commissioner Goodell Pulls Vick's Puppet Strings

Sportsline's Pete Prisco gives some info on the Vick situation.  Basically, the Commissioner will let Vick sign, but he won't tell him how long the suspension will last.

The problem with that scenario is that teams will be reluctant to sign him to a contract with the length of any supsension by the league still undetermined. That would be another cruel blow to Vick's playing status.

Who would sign Vick under those conditions?  You know what else Goodell is going to do?  He's going to suspend Vick's mom from a rope and then lower her into a pit of crocodiles.  Then he'll sit back and see if Vick can rescue her in time.  Except that Vick will be tied to a rocket.  And guarded.  By Leonard Little.

This is really pretty ridiculous, if true.  Either kick the man out of the league or let him play.  I still believe that Goodell will let him play (he doesn't want to give the UFL any free press) but screwing around with the man like this just makes Goodell look petty.