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Lions Make Great Move In Trade For Northcutt

How about that for a crazy headline.  "Lions Make Great Move"???  And then the word "Northcutt" in there too?!

But yes, it's true.  Detroit picked up  WR Dennis Northcutt in a trade with the Jaguars and it gives them a solid, veteran slot receiver.

Northcutt, a nine-year NFL veteran, has run many of the Lions’ plays before. He mostly needs to learn new terminology.

But he wants to make sure he knows every receiver position inside and out before training camp opens July 31, so he doesn’t have to play catch up with his new teammates.

"I will tell you: By the time I get to camp, I will know the whole playbook," Northcutt said. "That I have no problem with. … My job for the next month is learning this offense."

So even though Northcutt has been fantasy-worthless for his entire career, this is a great fantasy move.  Not because Northcutt will be worth a slot on your fantasy team --  he won't be.  It's because having a possesion receiver like him in the lineup will make Calvin Johnson and rookie Derrick Williams better.  It will also make QB Matt Stafford's life a little bit easier. 

The Lions just got better.  Huh.