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MLB Trade Rumors: Why The New York Mets Aren't Pursuing Matt Holliday

Today's lead article by Joel Sherman of the New York Post expresses incredulity that Omar Minaya and the New York mets' front office have not even placed a phone call to the Oakland A's front office about OF Matt Holliday. Regardless of the Coors product's production, Holliday is still a more productive player than Danny Murphy, Nick Evans et al.

Why not? Is it the fear that Bill Beane and Co. will ask for the equivalent of two 1st round picks? I doubt it. At $13.5 MM this season, there is no way the A's risk Holliday accepting arbitration given his awful production this season. And Holliday would accept it. Scott Boras client Kevin Millwood did the same several years ago. Because of this, Holliday should be in the Mets price range - a couple of B/C level prospects and an arm.

Could the Mets be afraid of the same arbitration acceptance? Possibly. Given the front office's adherence to Bud Selig's organization crippling slotting system, an argument can be made that the improved production of Holliday versus the wasting of money signing 1st rounders falls offers a good risk/reward equation in Holliday's favor.

Or could the Mets be failing to even call the A's because of a bit of information not found in the sports pages? On Page Six, there is a report that Mets' owner Fred Wilpon lost $700 million in the Bernie Madoff scandal - not the $300MM previously reported.

With $400MM less on the balance sheet, one can now more easily understand letting Mark DeRosa go to the Cardinals and Eric Hinske to the Yankees for prices well within the Mets' budget.