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MLB Trade Rumors: Is Roy Halladay Really Worth Two A-Level Prospects??

Everyone knows what the price tag is going to be for Roy Halladay. We have heard it would take at least two A-level prospects along with a couple B-level prospects. The team that trades for Halladay gets him for this year and all of next year. Is that really worth two A-level prospects?

Last season the Milwaukee Brewers traded their top prospect, Matt Laporta, along with 3 other prospects for CC Sabathia. Here is the deal the Brewers made, per

In addition to LaPorta, a former first-round Draft pick and a fabulous power hitter at Double-A Huntsville, the Brewers gave up Triple-A left-hander Zach Jackson, Class A right-hander Rob Bryson and a player to be named later. According to reports, that player could be reigning Brewers Minor League player of the year Taylor Green, a Class A third baseman.

Laportta was the A-level prospect the Indians received in the deal, while the other 3 prospects aren't doing so hot. Jackson is pitching at AAA Columbus with a 3-7 record, a 5.71 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP, with a 47/25 K/BB ratio. I could not find stats for Rob Bryson on any of the Indians minor league teams. Also, it appears Green was not part of the deal.

Anyway, my point is that 3 months of CC Sabathia cost the Brewers their top prospect plus a few marginal minor league pitchers. Does that mean that a year and a half od Roy Halladay is worth two top prospects, especially when you consider his 2010 salary of around $15 million in the current economic environment where teams are dealing with dropping attendance figures?

I am beginning to think that Halladay will be had for less than two top prospects. What do you think?