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NL-Only 5x5 Keeper League Trade: Tim Lincecum for Nate McLouth and Johnny Cueto

On Sunday, I accepted a trade offer made to me in my other NL-only 5x5 keeper league which I have been an owner for about 12-13 years. I had been going back and forth with the same owner with some smaller offers, but decided his offer was too much to pass up for one reason: I got Tim Lincecum at $18 for this year, and for $5 extra for each additional year. Now I am not one to pay alot for pitching, but Lincecum at $18 is CHEAP.

Here is the offer I accepted:

I get:

SP Tim Lincecum-$18

Aramis Ramirez-$32

Dexter Fowler- $0-undrafted players do not get a salary

Mark Derosa- $0

Ramon Hernandez- $4

I gave up:

Nate McLouth-$6

Johnny Cueto-$10

Josh Bard-$3

Mike Fontenot-$8

Lastings Milledge-$10

The main reason I made this deal was not only for Lincecum, but because he, along with my staff of Chad Billingsley, Yovani Gallardo, Ricky Nolasco, Paul Maholm, Jordan Zimmerman and Joel Pineiro, can help me make up 12 points in the pitching categories.

I am currently in 2nd place overall, 6 points behind the leader, but with this trade feel I can make up at least 12 points in pitching categories alone, and maybe a few in the SB category. I am currently in 4th place in ERA, but only .18 behind the leader (the 1st place team overall).

I am in 3rd place in strikeouts, 51 K's behind the leader. I am in 4th place in Wins, only 6 wins behind the leader. I am in 3rd place in WHIP, 0.07 behind the leader (1st place team again). I honestly think that with Lincecum added to my pitching staff, and losing Cueto, I can win every pitching category with my staff. I am in 1st place in Saves with Jonathon Broxton and Trevor Hoffman as my closers.

I will say I am a little worried about Aramis Ramirez' power returning, and who knows when Derosa will return from the DL. I heard an interview with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak recently, and he sounded optimistic that Derosa would return sooner rather than later.

How did I do?