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Derrick Mason Retires... Maybe

Ravens' WR1 Derrick Mason announced he was retiring from the NFL, although everybody seems to be doubting him.

Wide receiver Derrick Mason abruptly announced his retirement Monday, a decision that surprised and confused the Ravens.

Mason, 35, the Ravens' No. 1 receiver, was entering the final year of his five-year, $20 million contract and was seeking an extension. The Ravens publicly said they were agreeable to a new contract, but no deal was imminent.

Mason's retirement would leave a huge void at wide receiver and mark a drastic setback for a team that reached the AFC championship game. But it's still unclear whether Mason intends to follow through with his retirement.

Wow, this is big.  I thought that a maturing Joe Flacco and an incoherent running game meant that Derrick Mason was primed for a big year.  Now, the WR1 position falls to Mark Clayton with Demetrius Williams also seeing more time.  Man, that's not good.  Not good for Flacco, not good for the running game.  The Baltimore offense could be a disaster.

Somebody get Marvin Harrison's agent on the line.