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MLB Trade Rumors: Scott Rolen To The Reds?

The Scott Rolen to the Reds rumor is back on. I was listening to the baseball morning show on XM 175 this morning, and Buck Martinez mentioned that Rolen would be a great fit in the Reds lineup, especially with Jay Bruce out for two months.

If the Reds are truly going to be buyers this season, Rolen would make perfect sense. He could take over 3B from underachieving Edwin Encarnacion and bat 5th behind Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips. The package the Blue Jays would want in return would probably include Encarnacion and starting pitcher Homer Bailey. If Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi wants prospects, he could get Bailey and 3B-OF Todd Frazier, or Bailey and OF Chris Heisey.