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MLB All-Star Game = The Bachelorette


I'll admit it . . . I've seen every episode of The Bachelorette this season. I have a reason and it's not to win points with the wife. One of the Bachelors (Kiptyn) is a family friend, so I feel that having a horse in the race gives me a pass. So, how does the Bachelorette equal the All-Star Game as the headline says? Here are the 3 reasons.

1. Tons of build up and outrage

Every year's All Star game gets a ton of hype, people vote for close to two months, there's a final vote, and there's outrage and anger over the rosters. The day the rosters are announced columnists from around the country write 1000 words about how their home town guy was robbed. When posts the rosters they're accompanied by a These Guys Were Snubbed piece. The outrage is included in the announcement! Think Olbermann covering a Palin rally or Fox News insta-reviewing a Obama press conference. You've got to love instant, predictable outrage.

It's the same way for The Bachelorette. You're going to have to trust me on this. Over the past months I've seen more chatter on Facebook from my female friends about The Bachelorette than anything else. And by chatter, I mean pissed off women. The uproar over this show is equal to that of the All Star rosters, even when you consider the frothy anger upside of the Bill Plaschke-types. If you heard the BS Report podcast with Bill's friend Jacko from last week you heard the The Sports Gal's reaction to watching The Bachelorette, "HE'S THERE FOR THE WRONG REASONS!" Classic. Here's one of her recent Twitter posts - "If Ted Bundy were one of the Bachelorette guys, how many episodes would've passed before Jillian became suspicious? I say 7." Here's another for good measure - "Jillian must be colorblind with all the red flags she missed. Even my daughter figured out Wes was there for the wrong reasons and she's 4." Love it.

2. No one will remember them a month from now

Two months of build up on both sides here and is anyone going to remember the results a month from now? Nope.

This could be said about any reality show but I'm attempting to be topical. Stick with me here. Unless there was somekind of John Kruk/Randy Johnson moment or if my hometown guy did something (Gwynn scoring winning run) I never remember the All Star Game. The same goes for The Bachelorette. All the women spending 3 hours of their Monday nights on Bachelorette message boards won't remember what happens either save some Jason/Whatshername watershed moment.

3. The Hosts/Announcers are Tools

Chris Harrison and Joe Buck are there names. If you're familiar with either of their work you're nodding your head right now. They are tools and make both shows hard to watch/uncomfortable/unwatchable.

Enjoy the All Star Game everyone. I dare you to remember the result on August 13th.