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MLB Trade Rumors: Mainstream Media In On Roy Halladay For Russell Martin

Sunday's LA Times leads its Los Angeles Dodgers' coverage with a long article by Bill Shaikin that begs the Dodgers' front office to acquire Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay with a package led by catcher Russell Martin. I read this, with a more realistic package from the Dodgers, yesterday - on Fake Teams.

As I read Shaikin's piece, I noted this:

"This is tricky because their best young players are already in L.A. -- seven players 25 and under on the current roster, including center fielder Matt Kemp, closer Jonathan Broxton and starters Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw."

What struck me is all these players will get expensive together so why not deal the ones who are not heart-and-soul of the roster types? Specifically, the one that is unmentioned - 1B James Loney.

Adding Loney to a package led by Russell Martin plus any two minor leaguers the Blue Jays want i.e. SS Ivan DeJesus and SP Josh Lindblom would seem like an attractive package especially if the Dodgers also provide more financial freedom to the Jays by taking back 1B Lyle Overbay and the $10+ MM he is owed through 2010.