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MLB Trade Rumors: Russell Martin For Roy Halladay??

In his Friday morning blog,'s Buster Olney mentioned that the Dodgers had two scouts at the Blue Jays-Rays game on Thursday to watch Roy Halladay pitch. One of the scouts was Lee Elia who used to be a coach for the Blue Jays.

About a month ago, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti was quoted as saying that he would be in on any top starter who becomes available. In June, the Dodgers apparently discussed trading for Indians pitcher Cliff Lee. Now that Halladay is available, I am sure Colletti will be making a few calls to J.P. Ricciardi. What I am not sure about is who the Dodgers will deal for Roy Halladay.

Here's a possibility. Russell Martin is from Canada, why not make him the centerpiece in a deal for Halladay. Martin has struggled this year at the plate, and has been on an offensive slide since the 2nd half of the 2008 season. Would a change of scenery help? If not Martin, then my next guess would be RFer Andre Ethier.

I am sure Ricciardi will ask for either Chad Billingsley or Clayton Kershaw, but I do not see that happening. But I could see a package starting with Martin or Ethier, and throw in pitching prospects James McDonald, Scott Elbert and SS Ivan DeJesus or Devaris Gordon, and maybe the Dodgers could land their ace starting pitcher.

Would this offer be better than the Phillies offer of Carlos Carrasco or Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, J.A. Happ and Jason Donald that I proposed a few days ago?