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MLB Trade Rumors: Buster Olney On Roy Halladay And A Possible Matt Holliday To Tampa Bay Rays Rumor Seedling?

With the Toronto Blue Jays announcement that the organization will listen to trade offers for ace Roy Halladay, the rest of July will be spent tracking the various rumors concerning the perrenial CY Young candidate. Buster Olney mentions the Los Angeles Dodgers had a scout at Halladay's start in Tampa Bay last night. Within the linked piece was news that the Detroit Tigers, Oakland A's and Boston Red Sox had scouts on hand.

One of the four teams doesn't fit, and it had the prior big piece of trade bait in LF Matt Holliday. Given the Blue Jays are sellers, one can easily conclude the A's were on hand to see some Tampa Bay Rays, no?

Who could the A's have been scouting on the Rays' major league roster? Reliever Dan Wheeler? RF Gabe Gross? DH Pat Burrell? The first two wouldn't compensate the A's for the two draft choices they'd get for the likely Type A free agent, but Burrell could provide some power for what now appears to be the perrenially power bereft A's.

If this is smoke, then I'd expect to see a couple of Rays' prospects included in any deal for Matt Holliday.