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MLB Trade Rumors: Why Not Roy Halladay And The New York Yankees

The back page of this morning's New York Post reads, "Roy Story: Halladay hopes grip Yanks after sweep of Twins." So I anxiously tore through the paper to see what the New York Yankees were floating out in a trial balloon.

Nothing. There was nothing beyond a single sentence mentioning Joel Sherman's prior days' news that the Philadelphia Phillies are considered the front runners for Halladay. Despite that, the New York Yankees make perfect sense for a Toronto Blue Jays team building towards 2011 and looking for fiscal breathing room.

First, the Yankees have highly regarded prospects led by 19-year-old AA catcher/1B Jesus Montero. Montero was recently ranked by Baseball America as the third best prospect in the minor leagues. Addtionally, there are major-league ready bullpen arms like David Robertson and Mark Melancon along with major-league outfielders like Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner and major-league ready AAA centerfielder Austin Jackson.

Second, the Yankees have the financial wherewithal to add Roy Halladay's remaining $22+ million. In these tough economic times, that cost is a serious consideration. What other major league team can simply add that much payroll without having to make compensating moves in the off-season?

Finally, the Yankees have a 2010 need for a corner outfielder because of the expiring $13 million dollar contracts of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui. Because of this, the Yankees can take either of the Jay's other burdensome contracts - the nearly $100MM remaining on Vernon Wells' deal or the $50+MM remaining on Alex Rios's.

Can the Phillies do that?