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MLB Trade Rumors: What Happens To Juan Pierre When Manny Returns?

I know many teams won't be texting Dodgers GM Ned Colletti asking for Juan Pierre due to his large contract, but there are a few teams who could use him-the Braves, Cubs and Mets.

The Braves need an outfielder in the worst way, and Pierre fits that bill and can also leadoff for them. The Cubs have to be tiring of Alfonso Soriano and his inability to get on base in the leadoff spot, as he is better suited to hit lower in the order. And the Mets have more injuries than any other team in the majors, and what happens if Jose Reyes injures his hamstring again, or is out longer than expected?

What Pierre brings to the table for each team is his speed and his ability to lead off. He will steal plenty of bases, and almost never strikes out. This year, playing LF for the Dodgers, he has performed above expectations, as he is hitting .329-.391-.418 with 21 SBs, 24 RBI and 37 runs scored. The fact that he is getting on base at a .391 clip leads me to believe one of two things: 1) the market for his services HAS to have increased and some team may be willing to take on some of his contract, or 2) maybe he will play in LA more than we all think. I say that because SS Rafael Furcal, the Dodgers leadoff hitter once Manny returns, is having a sub-par year at the plate as evidenced by his .241-.314-.322 slash line.

I think he can help some teams, even the Dodgers, in the 2nd half of the season. Will the Dodgers trade Pierre?