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Dallas Should Bench Romo and Start Kitna. There, I Said It.

In a blog post on the Dallas Morning News site, there's an interesting article about how Bengals' QB Carson Palmer was praising his former mentor - and current Cowboys' backup QB - Jon Kitna.   Palmer went on about how Kitna has a lot to teach starter Tony Romo and that Romo should listen to him.  It was a nice, respectful comment by Palmer.  Good for him.

But I thought the key line was right here:

Jon Kitna's arm strength is the most obvious reason he's a significant upgrade for the Cowboys at backup quarterback. Unlike Brad Johnson, Kitna can still put plenty of zip on his passes.

True, but the guy is missing the point.   Let me rewrite that paragraph:

Jon Kitna's experience is the most obvious reason he's an upgrade for the Cowboys at starting quarterback.  Unlike Tony Romo, Kitna can still complete plenty of passes to receivers that nobody has heard of.

And that's what it all comes down to.  This year Tony Romo doesn't have Terrell Owens.  He has Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin.  Yeah, Miles Austin, he'll get the job done.  How will Romo do with that group?  My bet is not that well.  How would Jon Kitna do?  Well, he has experience with Roy Williams and he helped make a bunch of unknowns (guys like Shaun McDonald and Mike Furrey) into legitimate fantasy stars.  Kitna put up massive numbers with less talent than they have in Dallas.  MIUCH less talent.

Which brings me to my real point -- I don't know if starting Kitna would win the Cowboys any more games, but it would sure be better for fantasy football players.  Give Jon Kitna a solid running game, a good offensive line and Roy Williams, and he'll throw for 4000 yards.  I'm sure of it.   Give Tony Romo the same things, and he throws for 15-20% fewer yards.

This might seem mercenary to Cowboy fans, but I don't care.  I want to see great fantasy production out of the Dallas passing offense and I think Jon Kitna is the one to deliver it.  Do it Dallas, bench Romo and start Kitna.  You won't regret it. 

Well, I won't regret it.