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Monday Roto Round Up

OF Nate McLouth, Atlanta Braves:  A HR and a SB in his first game against his former team says everything I want to know.  McLouth is the player we thought he was entering the season.  He has stolen two bases since becoming the Braves' best outfielder, and it appears he is been enregized in ways that haven't existed since the PEDs ban.

OF Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates:  4-7 with two triples takes the rookies' five-game 2009 season to 10-25.  Despite not owning McCutchen in any leagues and despite not liking the trade from the Pittsburgh end, I am still following the rookie and hoping for him to succeed.

SP Andy Sonnastine, Tampa Bay Rays:  Wow!  Sonnanstine allows four HRs in the bandbox that is the new Yankees Stadium and surrenders just five runs.  I want to buy low on Sonnanstine.  His GO/FO is up this season, but those 13 taters over 63 innings scares me.  Which stat do you believe in?

OF Adam Lind, Toronto Blue Jays:  Two HRs and four RBIs brings the Jays best hitter to 11 and 43 on the season.  With recent news that rookie OF Travis Snider is seeing a doctor for a back problem, Lind looks like he will be the heart of the Jays order for another handful of years.

RP Leo Nunez, Florida Marlins:  Nunez pitched a scoreless 9th to insure rookie Sean West nothced his 1st major league victory after eight very impressive innings.  It was not a Save, but I note it because Nunez looks like the new Marlins closer.  It is just a matter of time before the Marlins know it.

SP Jose Contreras, Chicago White Sox:  Contreras returned from the minors the toss a one-hitter over eight innings of work.  His last viable fantasy season was 2006, and last quality fantasy season was 2005.  Treat that history with the respect you think it deserves.

SP Jeremy Bonderman, Detroit Tigers:  Like Contreras, Bonderman was last a viable fantasy commodity in 2006.  Unlike Contreras, Bonderman did not pitch a gem last night.  As a matter of fact, he stunk giving up six earned runs in four innings with a mere K and three walks and three HRs to show.

1B Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres:  The leagues' HR leader went 1-1 with three walks.  For a player who typcially had a BB:K ratio around 0.50, it now stands at 1.12 after drawing 16 walks in the first seven games of June.

8th Inning Holds: Phil Coke NYY (3), Manny Corpas COL (4), Brandon League TOR (4), Greg Burke SD (5), Craig Breslow (6) and Brad Ziegler OAK (1)

Saves: Fernando Rodney DET (11), Mariano Rivera NYY (14), Huston Street COl (9), Scott Downs TOR (8), Heath Bell SD (17), Andrew Bailey OAK (5)

Blown Saves: None