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Vikings Demand Answer From Favre

Kneel Before Favre!!
Kneel Before Favre!!

Where would football bloggers be without Brett Favre?  If it’s June, it must be time for Favre’s annual "he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not" dance with the NFL.   Yesterday, ESPN reported that Vikings’ Head Coach Brad Childress issued an ultimatum to Favre: You have two weeks to decide if you’re going to play QB for us or not.

Ha!  Silly Childress!  Nobody issues ultimatums to Brett Favre!  He does what he wants when he wants! 

Does Favre have the power the make a team consider benching their QB of the Future?  Yes! 

Does Favre have the power to make a team cut a QB and then watch as that QB leads a division rival to the playoffs?  Yes! 

Kneel Before Favre!

This whole episode just disgusts me, but it’s important to fantasy football.  Favre is not going to be a good fantasy QB, though he would be better than Tarvaris Jackson.   He probably won’t be better than Sage Rosenfels, as I’ve always liked Rosenfels and I think he’ll be worth a QB3 slot on your fantasy team.

The biggest fantasy impact that Purple Favre would have is on the Minnesota running game.  Favre would likely demand a bigger offensive role than just "Hand off to Peterson 30 times a game" so if Brett lands in Minnesota it would have a notable effect on the fantasy value of AP.   That’s the biggest reason to care about how this train-wreck ends.