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How Do You Handle Stephen Strasburg?

Beginning at 6 PM EST. the 2009 MLB First-Year Player Draft occurs over the next three days. While there will be many players taken who will be on the minds of fantasy players this winter and next Spring, the only player anyone cares about right now went first - San Diego State right-hander Stephen Strasburg. (ed; Don't you mean "is expected to be taken first"?)

My question is simple. How does your league handle free agent priority in the event Strasburg makes his major league debut this season? Or the minor league portion of your fantasy drafts next March?

This arises because my NL-Only league uses a worst-to-first free agent priority in-season, and a 6-12/5-1 minor league draft. With bail season upon us, how your league handles the above questions may affect your decision to compete in 2009.

If the last place team gets in-season priority, then bailing quickly and uneqivocably will set you up to grab Strasburg the moment he is recalled this season. If it is a 6-12/5-1 format and Strasburg isn't recalled, you get him by finishing 6th, which keeps you from bailing too early.