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The Best Unknown Performances Of The Week 06/06/2009

SP Chad Gaudin, San Diego Padres:  The Padres signed Gaudin after he was released by the Chicago Cubs.  Going into Petco put Gaudin on the Watch List.  Last week, he struck out 15 batters in two starts and walked four.  For the season, his Ks remain good, but the 30 walks will keep him in the free agent pool despite last week's effort.

SP Gavin Floyd, Chicago White Sox:  Like Gaudin, Floyd's past week contained 15 Ks and 4 BBs over two starts.  Floyd also suffers from unattractive ratios and should still be available in most mixed leagues.  Extending Floyd's performance another week shows 23 Ks in 21.2 innings of work.  Another week shows 34.2 innings of work with 35 Ks and a 1.00 WHIP.  Yet his season-to-date ERA and WHIP sit at 5.47 and 1.47, repsectively. 

SP Dallas Braden, Oakland A's:  13 K against two walks over 13 innings is impressive.  Unlike Gaudin and Floyd, Braden has an excellent ERA of 3.20.  The K/9 sits at a pedestrian 6.1 for the season.  Given his team is considered a a poor offensive unit, he is likely available in many formats.

1B Russell Branyan, Seattle Mariners:  Raise your hand if you're just waiting for Branyan to turn into the striking-out pumpkin he has always been?  With 8 walks and 5 Ks last week, Branyan is defying those expectations.  He may be a perfect player to let his current owner sell high on.

1B Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres:  The majors HR leader may finally be getting the treatment his supporting cast has eanred him.  He walked twelve times last week.  With just two ks, one hopes Gonzalez remains patience and takes what he is given.  That would help the hitters behind him.