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NFL Draft 2009 Review: WR Ramses Barden


As I’d mentioned in my review of rookie WR Hakeem Nicks, the Giants don’t have many wide receivers left.  While Nicks was the big-news first round pick, the Giants’ OTHER rookie WR might be a better fantasy option.  He also has a cooler name.









That’s Ramses Barden, the tallest (6’-6") wide receiver in the NFL Draft.  Barden put up some crazy stats during his career at Cal Poy – 206 career catches, 50 career TDs, 20 consecutive games with a TD catch – but most NFL scouts thought he was too raw to be a top WR.  Not the Giants, oh no!  They moved up six spots during the draft (giving up a 3rd and a 5th round pick) in order to grab him. 

Hype aside, he probably IS too raw to be a top WR, but you can’t ignore a guy that’s six and a half feet tall.  Here’s a trick you can perform at home: Get a ruler and stretch open one of your hands as wide as it will go.  Now measure the distance between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your pinky. How long is it?  Eight inches?  Maybe nine?  Each one of Bardens’ hands are a gigantic 10 ¾ inches.  Think about that.  The guy’s a freak!

And so, Tall Freaky Hand Guy steps into a team that desperately needs a wide receiver and has one of the better QBs in the league throwing the ball to him.  You want a guy like that on your fantasy radar.  He won’t rack up many yards, but he could be THE red zone target.  That looks like a great fantasy sleeper opportunity to me.