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That's Crazy Enough To Work: Stallworth Pleads Not Guilty

Browns' WR Donte' Stallworth pleaded not guilty to charges he killed a pedestrian while driving drunk.

The plea was entered at a brief court hearing Thursday by defense attorney Christopher Lyons. The 28-year-old Stallworth did not appear in court. A trial date has not been set.

Stallworth faces up to 15 years if convicted. Police say Stallworth was driving drunk after a night on the town when he struck and killed 59-year-old Mario Reyes on a Miami Beach causeway.

The Browns need Stallworth this season and -- amazingly -- they may get him.  There's a bizarre Florida statute that says no matter what Stallworth did (for example, got hammered and mowed down a dude with his car) if the victim was doing something wrong as well (for example, crossing outside the crosswalk) then Stallworth could see the charges reduced significantly.  Even to the point where he could be found guilty and still be able to play this season.

As Deadspin says, there's no way Jack McCoy would put up with that.