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Fantasy Chat Stew 06/06/2009

Lots of call-ups this week.  There was a big trade and the certainty of more to come.  An a huge injury to New York Mets' SS Jose Reyes.  All this a a quick review of Charm City Devil's new album!

"Let's Rock n Roll (Endless Road)" and "Burn, Baby Burn" are indicative of the sound on the album.  I enjoy both songs for the rock n roll, get moving sound.  "True Love (Hell Yeah)' has the same sound and may be second only to "Lets Rock n Roll (Endless Road)".  I'm not disappointed at all.

Here is a live performance of "All About The Money".  I couldn't find "True Love (Hell Yeah)" or I'd have posted that.

Montour Falls, NY: Jock, I just made a deal acquiring David Ortiz for Matt LaPorta. AL-only 11 team keeper league, I figure with Sizemore on the DL if the tribe hasn't recalled LaPorta yet, they may not. Good deal?
Jock Thompson:I hope so, given that I acquired Ortiz recently as well. But I’m beginning to worry about Papi. He only has so much more rope BOS can give him before they have to start playing for keeps. CLE on the other hand could be out of the race soon, due to their lack of pitching. If that happens, LaPorta could see plenty of PT in preparation for 2010.

Tony (Miami, FL): I feel like Raul Ibanez is going to slow down a bit, so would you trade him and do you see him slowing down?

Christopher Harris: Hi, Tony. Well, I honestly *don't* think Ibanez is going to finish in the top five in MLB in HRs and RBIs (he resides there now), so yeah, relatively speaking, he has to slow down. That doesn't mean he's going to stink. But I don't think you'd get too many arguments about whether he's playing over his head a little bit. And when you have guys who're playing over their heads, it's never a bad idea to see what you can get for them in a trade. It's not like you have to be a motivated seller to get rid of him, because he's been a solid fantasy producer for the better part of a decade...but if someone's willing to overpay to get him, and you've got enough OF depth to handle it, why not?

Kenosha, WI: I've stuck with Liriano and it's begun to slowly kill me. Time to cut the cord in most formats?
Steve Gardner: his just might be the most gut-wrenching decision in fantasy baseball right now -- what to do about Francisco Liriano. I feel your pain because I have him in my keeper league and my strategy this season was based in part on him being one of my anchors. Now, it seems as though the anchor is just pulling everyone else down. It's been two months and he hasn't gone more than four innings in any of his last three starts. Still, I look at his K/9 rate (7.7) and his xERA being over 1 1/2 runs lower than his actual ERA (though still around 5.00). I'm going to wait a little longer before I cut ties completely.

Rocco (NY): What are the chances that the Orioles trade a player like Aubrey Huff or George Sherrill before the trade deadline to add to their group of young players?

Buster Olney: occo: It makes all the sense in the world that the O's would deal both of those guys, because the front office is at peace with the notion that this is a building year, the organization is making great strides, and I'd bet you could get a good prospect (not a great prospect, but a good one) for Huff, and something a little less for Sherrill.

Garrett (NC): Ervin Santana...this mechanical or is he not fully healthy?

Matthew Berry :I think it's both, actually.

Travis (DC): If Adrian Gonzalez hits over 61 home runs this year,which he is on pace do do and more, should we consider him the single season home run champ?? Could he hit 70-80 playing in Fenway??

Rob Neyer:  suppose I should simply accept the premise of your question, but I'm afraid I don't have that kind of imagination; Gonzalez will finish with something like 45 home runs. Still a splendiferous season, obviously.

Sean, NYC: What is your take on Adam Jones? His power seems legit but the AVG has to fall and with that some of his counting stats. What level player would you target with him?

Brendan Roberts :Couple questions here for Adam Jones ... I wrote it was time to sell-high on Jones because of the BA drop last week, and was lambasted in Conversation. But I stood by it, and he has gone 3-for-16 with no RBIs since then. To me, it was two things: 1) The BABIP was going to come back to earth, and his lack of plate discipline would eventually catch up; and 2) His hammy was bothering him, and I worry about typical wear and tear with him. It's not often people consider that when maximum-effort guys (usually center fielders, SS, C, 2B) hit .380 with a high OBP, they put a lot of stress on their bodies, and are more prone to nicks ... I think Jones is a fine player, but I also think now is the time to deal him.

Jerry (NYC): Matt Joyce - What's the deal with him?

Tristan H. Cockcroft:Good pickup in AL-only and deep mixed. I was asked about Joyce by a colleague recently and said he deserves a shot at regular at-bats, or at the very least every single game against a right-handed starter. I also placed his basement expectation around what you've been getting from a Luke Scott or Jason Kubel the past year and two months. They're very much similar talents, at the least.

Goose (Chicago) : This is the lightning round? Dominic Brown, future All-Star?

Jim Callis : eah, I'm getting too wordy. Not quite ready to say all-star on Brown but I like him.

Dan (Roselle): Do you think BJ Upton is finally on the up and up? His average is slowly, but steadily, climbing into the mid-.200's...

Eric Karabell : lowly he's over .200, but if you watch his at-bats it's not like he's scorching the ball. Still, this beats the alternative. I'm not sure I regard Upton as a buy low guy, not if the power doesn't show up. There's no indication it will.

Jim (CT): I know you are going to talk draft, but can you give us a quick opinion on the Nate McLouth to Atlanta deal?

Keith Law: (1:09 PM ET ) ike it a lot for Pittsburgh - Charles Morton could go right in their rotation, Gorkys Hernandez is a ++ defender with a chance to hit (he hasn't been good this year but he's also 21 in AA), Jeff Locke is a high-upside LHP with three pitches who has shown good feel and command in the past. That's a lot of talent - and difficult-to-get talent, since players up the middle and LHP are hard to acquire in trade or free agency - for a guy who is, what, an average outfielder? Fringe-average? Since 6/1/08 McLouth has hit .256/.327/.447 if you exclude his 7 IBB, and he's not good in CF.


Sam (SF): Hi Jason! What are your thoughts on Randy Wells? Do his numbers justify a pickup over Rick Porcello or Dempster? Thanks!

Jason Grey : 'm not buying it with Wells just yet. New and improved slider, but a lot of luck thus far, and I don't see him continuing to allow just one homer every five starts. The numbers are indeed tempting, but there might be some Fool's Gold here.

Jack (D.C.): ose Reyes - buy low, or stay away?

Stephania Bell: (11:09 AM ET ) Jack: Depends how long you're willing to wait. I don't think he's going to be back for at least a month, perhaps closer to 6 weeks, and whenever I hear of a guy starting with a calf injury, and then having it followed with a hamstring injury, that's not good. They're saying that the two are unrelated but it's hard to accept that. With his speed being so critical, I think he may return before he really regains his form. Remember when Alfonso Soriano had leg issues and it took him until after the offseason to get his speed back? I'd probably move on.