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Thursday Roto Round Up: Andrew McCutchen Soars!

SP Randy Johnson, San Francisco Giants: With the victory over the Nationals, Johnson has now won 300 games and insured his entry in the Hall-of-Fame. He only managed to strikeout two Nats over six innings, though.

CF Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates: What a debut! 204 with three runs, and RBI, walk and a SB. For Pirates' fans, let's hope there is more of this to come. This season.

RP J.P Howell, Tampa Bay Rays: After Randy Choate got the first two saves in the post-Percival Era, no one really believed he'd be the closer. Howell picked-up the first save by a pitcher who we can believe will hold the job. Coming into the game, Howell had 33 Ks over 26.2 innings. That looks like a closer.

OF Melky Cabrera, New York Yankees: The Melkman hit his 6th HR of the season to give the Yankees a win. It was his 6th HR at the new Yankees Stadium, but just his 2nd not hit to right field. Raise you hand if you think the new stadium is a bandbox in right field.

1B Justin Morneau and DH Jason Kubel, Minnesota Twins: In a line-up generally consered bereft of power, Morneau hit his 15th HR and drove-in runs 48, 49 and 50. 50 RBIs! Kubel drove in six runs and now has 31 RBIs. Joe Mauer has 35 ribbies, and Michael Cuddyer has 33. Even lead-off hitter Denard Span has 24. This offense scores, and I think its lack of HR hitters over the past few seasons has blurred that fact.

LF Adam Lind, Toronto Blue Jays: 5-5 without and RBI and no LOB.

3B Gordham Beckham, Chicago White Sox: Kenny Williams' answer to the black hole that has been 3B in 2009 continued what Josh Fields and Wilson betemit have done all season. He went oh-fer. Prospects for the prospect remain excellent but his fantasy value in 2009 remains bleaker.

3B Garret Atkins, Colorado Rockies: On the day the local papers ran with stories about Atkins' possible demotion to AAA, he answers that challenge to his manhood with a two-HR game. I just wonder if he can still be had low or if those two taters renewed his owner's faith in him?

SP Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals: A complete game victory gives Carpenter a 4-0 record. While the three Ks are underwhelming, the 96 pitches thrown over nine innings leaves me impressed. He may be everything Rich Harden hopes to be. Or is he the proof that the Dave Duncan way works (GB/FB around 1.00 pre-Duncan/1.75+ post)?

8th Inning Set-up: Hideki Okajima BOS (9), Jeremy Affeldt SF (13), Leo Nunez FLA (10)

Saves: Mariano Rivera NYY (12), Jonathan Papelbon BOS (14), Brien Fuentes LAA (14), J.P Howell TB (2), Brian Wilson SF (13), Matt Lindstrom FLA (11)

Blown Saves: