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Brian Westbrook Needs Ankle Surgery, May Be Out All Summer


Westbrook To Undergo Surgery Friday
Running back Brian Westbrook's agent, Todd France, has been quoted by saying that Westbrook will have a procedure to "clean it [his ankle] up" and that Westbrook has no timetable for his return.

Some reports have said that he'll miss all of training camp.  This could be the biggest decision any fantasy football owner has to make during their draft -- at least right now. 

If the surgery makes people nervous, Westbrook will drop 5 or even 10 places in fantasy drafts.  If Westbrook is healthy, he's a steal.  If he's not, he's probably worth where he's drafted

Or people will believe that "everything is fine" and continue to draft Westbrook in the first round. If Westbrook is healthy, he's probably worth where he's drafted.  If not, he's a bust.

So there are your four options on how this news will affect Westbrook's fantasy value: steal, fair price, fair price, bust.  Although, even the "fair price" options will have some downward risk.   Westbrook carries risk even in seasons where he doesn't have preseason ankle surgery.

Watch this one, and start reading all you can on backup RB LeSean McCoy.  Say, there's a brilliant blog post on him right here!