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MLB Trade Rumors: Matt Holliday To The Reds??

Paul Daugherty from the Cincinnatti Enquirer suggests that the Reds can make a statement by trading for A's outfielder Matt Holliday. The Reds, along with the Mets and Braves, are screaming for an outfielder, and Holliday would be perfect for the young Reds lineup.

The Reds have trotted out the likes of Laynce Nix, Chris Dickerson and Jonny Gomes in left field this year. Holliday would put those three on the bench or AAA and provide another solid power hitter to the Reds lineup. He would probably bat cleanup behind Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips and Willy Taveras.

What would A's GM Billy Beane want in return for Holliday? Major league ready prospects. Homer Bailey might be a start, and a change of scenery may be the best medicine for Bailey. Throw in CFer Chris Heisey, who was recently promoted from AA Carolina to AAA Louisville, or AA 1B/3B Todd Frazier and the Reds may be able to offer more than the Mets or Braves. Heisey was hitting .347-.426-.572-.998 with 13 HRs, 47 RBI, 13 SBs and a 34/34 K/BB ratio. Meanwhile Frazier is hitting .312-.365-.495-.860 with 7 HRs, 42 RBI and a 34/24 K/BB ratio.

Throw in the fact that Reds GM Walt Jocketty is known for making a big splash at the trading deadline, and the Reds may be the perfect fit for the A's. Plus, Jocketty and Beane are no strangers. They got together on a deal in the past trading Dan Haren and two others for Mark Mulder.

A trade to the Reds could also restore some of Holliday's value in the upcoming free agent market. The Reds have what the Mets and Braves don't have-a stocked farm system. Jocketty may be ready to make a splash.