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Tuesday Roto Round Up: Roy Halladay For Real. Joe Mauer, Too?

SP Roy Halladay, Toronto Blue Jays: A complete game 14-K effort brought Halladay his 9th win of the 2009 season. Those Ks take his season total to 82 in 91 innings. Coming into the season, there were questions whether last season's jump from 139 Ks to 200+ was real. There are any questions any longer.

C Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins: With his 12th HR, Mauer is one away from tying his career-high. Rotowire's Chris Liss says there is enough data to tenatively conclude the new power is for real. In fantasy baseball, can we afford to wait a couple more seasons for more defintive proof or do we have to jump the gun a little early? See Roy Halladay.

OF Matt Joyce, Tamap Bay Rays: Joyce hit his 2nd HR since being recalled last weekend. He has a long way to go to make the trade that sent Edwin Jackson to Detroit look like a good one for the Rays, though.

SP Daisuke Matsuzaka, Boston Red Sox: Just when you thought he stunk, he throws six innings of one-run ball. Of course, he allowed six hits and walked three for a 1.80 WHIP, but there were six Ks in the mix, too. I'm still not ready to save Dice-K is valuable for anything but Wins and Ks right now.

New Yankees Stadium: Just three HRs hit in the opening game of the Texas Rangers series. That would be just a 243 HR pace! Compared to the record-setting 306 HR pace before tongiht's game, that's improvement!

SP Vince Mazzaro, Oakland A's: In his major league debut, Mazzaro tossed 6.1 scoreless innings. To rain on one of the happiest days of his and his supporters lives, he did it despite four walks, one K and a 5:12 GO/FO ratio.

SP Antonio Bastardo, Philadelphia Phillies: With his major league debut wasn't scoreless, it was a much better one than Mazzaro's debut. Bastardo allowed a run over six innings with five Ks and just a walk. He did get just 3 GOs to 10 FOs though. I'm not buying unless I can afford to take a flyer in a keeper league where ratios can sustain some damage.

1B Russell Branyan, Seattle Mariners: With his 12th HR, Branyan has matched last season's total. More susprising, Branyan hit better than .300 in each of the first two months and sits at .333 in June. Strangely, none of his peripherals are much different than his career norms except GB% which is considerably higher. His BABIP is .394 versus last season's .266 though.

Daniel Schlereth, Arizona Diamondbacks: In a game in which closer Chad Qualls was reported to be available after missing a thumbless man's handful of games with a sore forearm. Schlereth was used in the 8th inning to rescue Tony Pena from a mess. The 2008 1st round pick did not such thing and was credited with a blown save. Was Qualls still hurt or did A.J. Hinch make a poor bullpen decision?

8th Inning Set-up:
John Grabow PIT (8), Carlos Marmol CHC (13), Grant Balfour TB (6), Manny Corpas COL (3), Jose Mijares MIN (7), Kyle McClellan STL (7)

Saves: Matt Capps PIT (13), Joe Nathan MIN (10), Ryan Franklin STL (13), Ryan Madson PHI (2), Jonathan Broxton LAD (12)

Blown Saves: Kevin Gregg CHC (2), Huston Street COL (1), Daniel Schlereth AZ (1)