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MLB Trade Rumors: Adam Dunn To The Mets?

The NY Post quoted Met's manager Jerry Manuel stating that he wants another bat in the lineup should the team drop below .500. I say he should get one even if they don't drop below .500.

The price the Cardinals paid for Mark DeRosa was cheap in my opinion, so the price for a bat like Matt Holliday or Adam Dunn may not be as bad as originally thought. Dunn would come cheaper than Holliday and would provide the Mets with a power bat who can play LF or 1B. Dunn can play 1B until Carlos Delgado returns from the DL in about a month barring any setbacks. Once Delgado returns, he can play LF and bat either 3rd, 4th or 5th in the Mets lineup.

The price for Dunn would more than likely be a young pitcher such as Bobby Parnell or a minor league pitcher, along with taking on the rest of Dunn's contract. Maybe the Mets should deal Bobby Parnell should Oliver Perez prove useful out of the bullpen. The Nationals at this point need as much pitching as possible, no matter what level they are playing. With the recent news that the Nationals are looking to trade the likes of Dunn and Josh Willingham, Dunn should bring the most back as far as talent, and the Mets are desperate for a power bat with Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran out for at least another month.

But should the Mets set their sites on Matt Holliday, the price will be more expensive.

Should the Mets "settle" for Adam Dunn?