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NFL Marketing Now Targeting Fetuses, Zygotes Next

Trust me, it looks better on her.
Trust me, it looks better on her.

Can't get enough NFL stuff?  Does your wife look like your brother Earl wearing all your manly NFL stuff?  Need a great baby shower gift?  Well then, Reebok has the thing for you!

Reebok International will launch maternity T-shirts next year targeting moms-to-be who are NFL fans.

The short- and long-sleeved cotton shirts, available with the logos of every NFL team, will feature graphics such as "Rookie," "#1 NFL Draft Pick 2030," "Mom’s Tiny Kicker" and "Fan Pending."

Well, that's great.  The spokeswoman for this product will be Elizabeth "Wife of Tim" Hasselbeck, but I think the NFL really missed an opportunity by not having Tom Brady endorse this.  Think of the possibilities

"Hi, I'm Tom Brady.  I've impregnated enough women to know that when they get all big and huge, they feel kind of bad.  Make them feel better with this great NFL maternity shirt!  It's got a logo and everything on it!"

I'm telling you, I should be in marketing.