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NL-Only 5x5 League Trade: Carlos Lee for Dan Haren

In my "big" NL-only 5x5 league, I am currently in 6th place, 0.5 points out of 5th. 7 points out of 2nd and 16 points out of 1st. I am looking at my roster and I see that I have alot of power, take a look:

Manny Ramirez

Carlos Lee

Jayson Werth

Adam Dunn

Joey Votto

Rick Ankiel

Edwin Encarnacion

Jake Fox

Geovany Soto

I am currently 5th in HRs (30 behind the leader and 16 HRs behind the 4th place team), 5th in runs scored (39 runs behind the leader and 11 behind the 3rd place team), and 7th in RBI (28 RBI behind the 5th place team, and 92 behind the leader).

I am in 8th place in Wins (11 wins behind 2nd place team), 5th place in WHIP (.10 in WHIP behind the 2nd place team), and 4th in Strikeouts (65 behind 3rd place team).

I am thinking I can gain some points in the power categories with Manny Ramirez and Edwin Encarnacion returning next week, with Joey Votto returning last week. But, I would like to make up some ground in Wins and WHIP.

My pitching staff is as follows:

Josh Johnson

Ubaldo Jimenez-recently traded for him

Ricky Nolasco

Joel Piniero

Jorge DeLarosa

Jonathan Sanchez

Johnny Cueto

Huston Street

Latroy Hawkins

Should I trade Carlos Lee for Dan Haren or Chad Billingsley? Do I have enough power to make up ground in the power categories even if I trade for pitching?