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Fantasy Chat Stew 06/27/2009

For Father's Day last weekend, I picked-up a few more heavy metal classics and wanted to share the video, but Iron Maiden has apparently blocked YouTube from providing embedding code.  Instead, here is Johnny Cash and his classic "Ring of Fire" - a great song worthy of any late night drinking event!

Bring on the mortgage-backed security of fantasy baseball chats!

Findlay, OH: I've fallen way behind in Wins due to some bad luck (Cliff Lee, Haren, E. Jackson) but am doing great in ERA and WHIP. I'm thinking I need some cheap wins from middle relievers, any thoughts on this strategy and who to target? Hold is not a category in this league, so pretty much all middle relievers are available.
Ron Shandler: Bad strategy. DON'T CHASE WINS. You never succeed. Just make sure you have high-skilled pitchers and hope the wins follow. That is the best, and ONLY thing you can control. Failing that, find some place else to make up ground.

Thomas (NYC): Does Matt Lindstrom ever regain the closers role or is Nunez the man now?

Joe Sheehan: Leo Nunez has been effective, and has good short-reliever stuff. He's not a budding star, and I suspect the two will switch roles in a manner most disturbing to fantasy owners for some time.

Here's an idea: if NFL coaches can adapt to a tandem RB setup, where no one guy is the man, why can't MLB managers do that with short relievers?

dianagramr (NYC): Speaking of RUSH, you DO know Geddy is a HUGE baseball fan, and can be found at many games while on tour. Oh, and I think the Giants will certainly be relevant by 2112. :-)

Steven Goldman: I do. I know he's a big fantasy guy with multiple teams. I've often wondered if he reads us. If he does, he hasn't made it known to me, anyway. I will now spin "Closer to the Heart" in his honor. "And the men who pitch six innings/must be the ones who start..."

Greg (KC)
Rob, do you think the Royals should look to trade Gil Meche or Joakim Soria? What kind of return would each bring?

Rob Neyer
They should trade everyone except Zach Greinke, but the point is moot because the Royals don't trade veterans for prospects, because they are perpetually unwilling to admit that they're not about to win 85 games.

Frank (College World Series, Go Tigers!)
Brendan, what is Pujols' trade value? (Not specific players, but some general formula you'd use for how many players of what tier(s) would be needed to equal his value) I want to make a decent offer and get the other owner's attention, not be dismissed as just another lowball offer.

Brendan Roberts
My experience when it deals with trading for someone of Pujols' ilk is that they're completely untradeable in about 85 percent of cases. The best way to approach this is by asking him what it'd take. My guess is either he says "No way I'd trade him," or "It would take him and him and him." And then you take it from there. But guys like him are traded in so few cases that really you have to go to the owner first before you even offer. He'll choke on his soup when he reads it otherwise. I'd bet it'd take two elite/upper-tier players to get him, and probably more.

staleberg (nj)
Hey TCWhich relievers do you think will be traded?

Tristan H. Cockcroft
First two guys who come to mind are Chad Qualls and Jose Valverde, who were once traded for one another. In terms of significant fantasy impact those are two closers I'd be a little worried about being dealt into setup roles.

Mild Gypsy Woman (Sands of Time)
Jesus Montero seems to be handling AA well. Why does everyone believe he can not stay at catcher. Even if its 3 games a week, then DH the others. I know hes a big boy, but so is Joey Mauer.

Ben Badler
They're the same height, but Mauer's arm strength, arm accuracy, receiving skills, athleticism and agility are all light years ahead of Montero, who is only going to get bigger and heavier with age.


Bob (Chino Hills, CA)
Jason, thank for taking the time to chat with us. Do you think Rafael Furcal's back is the issue with no power or steals yet?

Jason Grey
I certainly do. Back issues are notoriously tricky. Even if a player is healthy enough to play, has it affected his swing, his pop, or ability to be willing to dive into a base? He's also had a strained buttocks muscle recently which may or may not be related. I suspect his back issues do have something to do with the lack of output in those categories.

Matt (Alexandria, VA)
What are your thoughts on the Phillies prospect Michael Taylor? Seems to be an above average RH OF bat - something the phils will need to break up their lefties. Is he a better prospect than John Mayberry? Thanks

Keith Law
Impact potential, could be a middle of the order guy. Way better than Mayberry.

John Lackey (Los Angeles)
I've looked better in interleague play, but how will I fare when I'm facing AL teams again?

Jason Grey
The K:BB ratio and the groundballs are right where they should be, and his velocity is right there as well. He's a good buy low candidate for me because the rest of the numbers will be headed in the right direction soon enough.

Matt (Chicago, IL)
Stephania - thanks for the great chat! A sprained toe doesn't *sound* like much, but will it keep Scott Downs out much longer than his 15-day DL stint? I mean, he does have 9 other toes...

Stephania Bell
Matt: Yes - there are a few others. But the big toe on the push leg ends up taking a lot of strain (range of motion and force) when a pitcher delivers the ball. Any pain or loss of mobility could effectively change his mechanics all the way up the chain - and then you risk the big one -arm injury. So better to wait until the toe is 100% and not cause other problems. He may go a bit past the 15 days but is not expected to be out excessively long.

Cosmo (New York)
Jerry, who is the most accessable player you have dealt with? Who is the least?

Jerry Crasnick
Cosmo, Sean Casey and Torii Hunter are about as good as you get. Guys like Kevin Brown and Jeff Kent could be rough, but when you got past the initial snarl, they could actually be quite insightful.