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Chad Johnson Screws Up Own Name, NFL Laughs

I've been wondering exactly what Bengals' WR Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson is doing with his name change.  I had heard that he legally changed his last name to "Ocho Cinco" (Spanish for Eight Five, his uniform number).  But then sometimes I'd see it listed as "Chad Ochocinco", all one word.   Pro Football Weekly has a good summary of exactly what happened.

Now the league has told the wideout he can use his new name this season, but because his name-change form in Florida was written as one word, "Ochocinco," that's how the NFL will spell it. The Bengals are switching to one word, as well.

Really?  Johnson screwed up his legal name change form?!  If you're filling out a legal name change form, don't you have somebody proofread it?  Geez, what an idiot.   And my spanish isn't good, but isn't 85 actually "ochenta cinco"?

So now his name is the spanish equivalent of "Chad Eightfive", which doesn't make much sense in any language.

I still think he's going to have a very good fantasy year though, so get ready to hear about Chad Ochocinco a lot.