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Has Favre Signed Already?

Our SBNation compatriots at Daily Norsemen are reporting rumors (which seem to be all over the intertubes) that Brett Favre has already signed with the Vikings.

Pro Football Talk is reporting/suggesting that the Minnesota Vikings might already have a signed deal with Brett Favre, and have given the green light to the making of #4 jerseys with Favre's name on them.

This is truly horrible. Not the Favre signing, though that's pretty horrible, but the fact that Brett Favre is STILL making news. And lazy unskilled bloggers are wasting time talking about it! Because it's a dead period in the NFL calendar! Bleah!

However, this won't go away -- and if it were true it would have a major fantasy impact -- so I guess I'll keep dealing with it. At least until we have some more Donte' Stallworth news.

You know what would make my day? If Brett Favre were arrested for a drunk driving homicide because he shot himself in the leg while on his way to a dogfight. Man, that would just make my blogging day....