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Fantasy Chat Stew 06/20/2009: Matt Wieters Cut For Who?

This week's Fantasy Chat Stew is less meaty than usual thanks to the change in's chats.  The archives of the week's chats only extend back three days.  So for a compilation done on Friday, that means Monday and Tuesday chats are not included.    If those day's chats are somewhere, i didn't find them, and, frankly, the efforts to find the ones blurbed and linked below is annoying enough that I'm not bothering.

User experience falls victim to that Forrest Gump inspired phrase, "Hegemony is as hegemony does."

As for this week's 80s metal sound, The Last Vegas has released "Loose Lips" as the second single off their debut album.  I highly recommend the song and the album.  Definitely the sound I look for.

Denver, CO: Do you think Garrett Atkins could still salvage the season and become a player to target in trade offers for pennies on the dollar? You don't just forget how to hit.
Steve Gardner: I do like Atkins and said so in a column a couple weeks back. The big factor with him is a possible trade. Even if he ends up leaving Colorado, a change of scenery could be a net benefit for him. I'm buying low on him if possible.

burke, va: Hey NOW. Ron, I'm looking ahead to when Ryan Doumit returns. Matt Weiters isn't exactly lighting it up and he's currently my catcher. What do you recommend here?
Ron Shandler: Sad that Wieters is not lighting it up. After all, if a prospect is going to be ranked at the top of his class, he better damn well hit the ground running. Now you are faced with a failed prospect versus an injury rehab with 5 years of major league experience. If you are looking for NOW, then you have to go with experience. As much as this sounds ridiculous, we have no proof that Wieters will ever become a superstar. Yes, all those 2007 Alex Gordon owners can commiserate.


mattymatty (Philly): Thanks for the chat, Will. Is there much chance of an injury recurrence for the Hip Crew (Mike Lowell, A-Rod, etc.)?

Will Carroll: Good question and the answer is flat out, we don't know. I don't know, the doctors don't know, the players don't know. We have nothing to judge it on, the same way that Jobe and John didn't know what would happen after the first UCL replacement. (Did I mention you should go listen to BPR?) There's some guidance from other sports, but if I tell you skiers have good results, does that make you feel any better?

Jake (Seattle): Does your reluctance to trade pitching for hitting extend to keeper leagues? I'm in a rebuilding mode and I've been offered Chris Iannetta for Jonathan Broxton (I get the catcher). I'm tempted. What say ye?

Marc Normandin: I think in keeper leagues I'm more likely to make the deals. Given how much people overrate closers, I'm fine with dealing them for regulars. Especially ones with a .276 ISO.

Bryan (Tampa)
Keith: Whats your opinion of Ben Zobrist? Is this guy legit or not?

Keith Law
I know he revamped his swing completely. It's not out of the question that he could become a completely different player; I know with his old swing he was lucky to hit anything further than about 200 feet.

Ben (Austin)
Tell us about Brandon Webb's setback. He is on my DL sitting next to Jake Peavy. Both are KILLING my staff.

Stephania Bell
Ben - Yes, you have some bad luck. I'm telling you the Peavy thing is serious. If you can sell him as a prospect to someone else I would, before they find out that he'll need surgery and be out the rest of the season (not saying that WILL happen, but it could and I would cut bait).Webb is a huge mystery to me. There is absolutely no definitive reason for him to be having this trouble - and with him not getting the contract extension he wanted before the season you have to think he'd be motivated. It's a puzzle apparently for the D-Backs too. No one can explain it and they're prepared to send him for further testing, re-evaluation to decide whether to try to return him at all this season. I was so confident that I was keeping him on my bench - but now it's time to let go.

Arsen (MI)
Jayson, their have been rumors about Matt Holliday potentially getting traded and the Detroit Tigers might be the front runners of trading for him. Tigers do need a LF with Carlos Guillen most likely not coming back. Thames has power, but he's more of a DH, and his defense is sub-par. Maybe Matt needs to join a winning team to get his swing back?

Jayson Stark
The Tigers would certainly be a team to watch in the Holliday sweepstakes. He's not out there yet, so it's a little too early to handicap every team who will be in on him. But he'd be a great fit for the Braves, Giants and Mets, and you can't even rule out the Red Sox if they don't feel as if they're going to get enough out of Big Papi.

Pat (NY)
You wrote an article about BJ Upton's turnaround.I am still waiting for it.

Jason Grey
Well, we could be in the midst of it. His average is now the highest it's been since late April. Nine hits and seven steals in his last eight games works for me. Enjoy the steals while the rest comes around.

Kevin (New Jersey)
I noticed on your Twitter that you said that Jarrod Parker is better than Madison Bumgarner. I agree with you, and have taken a lot of heat from my peers. Why do you think this? Is it just because Parker can potentially have 3 plus offerings?

Ben Badler
(Thanks, thats, btw.) Parkers fastball is already at least a plus pitch, his slider is a plus pitch and his changeup has shown flashes of being above average as well. He will mix in some solid curveballs too, but it is a fourth pitch for him. He is athletic and has clean arm action with an easy, repeatable delivery, and while he is walking a few too many batters right now, he has a history of throwing strikes and is only 20 years old in AA. Parker has nearly everything I would look for in a pitcher. Granted, he took a line drive off the right wrist the other day so we will see how that affects him. But thats no knock on Bumgarner, I would just take Parker if I had to choose one.