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More Trading Etiquette For Fantasy Baseball

Trading etiquette is something that most leagues have to deal with on a regular basis.  For those who play in the anonymous internet league, trading etiquette typically involes ignoring crazy offers and vetoing trades.  For the rest of us who have a degree of social contact in our leagues, trading etiquette means a lot more.

Rotowire's Chris Liss has five Emily Post-like rules addressing this at Rotosynthesis.  They are:

  1. If you're interested in trading with another team, you should make the first offer.
  2. If someone presents you with a reasonable offer, you should respond within a reasonable time.
  3. Don't set out to rob someone.
  4. When someone offers you a terrible deal, educate him with velvet gloves.
  5. After consummating a deal, wish your trading partner luck.

Here are a couple more from my point of view

  1. Don't offer a player with recent injury news without acknowledging it either directly or in the offer.
  2. If you lose out on a trade to another team, don't call out the team who didn't trade with you.

What kind of etiquette do you think should surround trade offers?  Does your league do anything to enforce these?

Maybe a better question to ask is which of these rules do you ignore/violate the most?