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Donte' Stallworth Suspended Indefinitely

I didn't think the Commissioner would do it, but he was facing so much bad press that I suppose he didn't have much of a choice.

Stallworth was indefinitely suspended by the NFL commissioner Thursday, two days after he began a 30-day jail sentence for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk in Miami.

So, we've established that Mike Vick's dogfighting crimes are at least as bad as a drunken vehicular homicide.  Good to know. 

Of course, Goodell still isn't out of the woods.  He still has to balance Stallworth's suspension with Vick's.  If the NFL reinstates Vick this summer (after a roughly two-year suspension), then you would think that Stallworth would have to be suspended for at least the same amount of time.  Right? 

I mean, if dogfighting is worth two years, then killing a man has to be worth....well, more.   At least, you'd think so.

I thought Stallworth would be back this season, but Vick Goodell has made it all but certain he'll miss the entire season.

Bad news for Stallworth, bad news for the Browns.