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Brandon Marshall Is Really Freaking Unhappy

I've heard of players wanting to be traded, demanding to be traded, holding out of training camp.  That's par for the course.  I've never heard of a player actually saying his goodbyes

Brandon Marshall is saying his good-byes to the Denver Broncos and their fans even as coach Josh McDaniels talks about seeing his holdout Pro Bowl receiver at training camp next month.

Marshall posted a farewell on his blog Tuesday, four days after requesting a trade during a private meeting with team owner Pat Bowlen.

Bowlen hasn't said whether he'll honor Marshall's trade request, and McDaniels says he expects Marshall to report to camp at the end of next month rather than follow Jay Cutler out of town.

Geez, that's not good.  I'm a big fan of Kyle Orton this season.  With Marshall and the McDaniels' offense, I think Orton has the tools to have a big fantasy season.  I mean, as good as Jay Cutler big.  But if Marshall leaves town -- wow.  The Broncos would still have Eddie Royal and Brandon Stokely, which isn't the end of the world.  Those guys are hardly the worst WRs in the AFC West, but that's not who you want to build a powerful passing game around.  It also wouldn't do any favors for Knowshon Moreno and the other 19 Bronco running backs.   Ugh.

I was down on Marshall last summer and he came back to have a great year.  So may he's just blowing off steam.  If he leaves, it drops the fantasy value of a lot of Denver Broncos. 

Eddie Royal and Brandon Stokely would look pretty good though. So they got that going for them.