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Bailing Season: NL-Only League Trade

I made a trade yesterday in my NL-only 5x5, non-keeper league that I have participated in for 6-7 years now. I am currently in 5th place out of 10 teams, but was in 9th place as of last Monday, so the standings are anything but static at this point. I am 5 points out of 4th, 7.5 points out of 2nd, but a huge 19 points out of 1st.

I am middle of the pack in all offensive categories except SBs where I am tied for 2nd. I am middle of the pack in the pitching categories except for wins and WHIP. My team has been hurt by injuries and suspensions as I have Chad Tracey, Edwin Encarnacio, Joey Votto and Manny Ramirez on reserve.

Last week, as I was in 9th place, I was able to grab Andrew McCutchen off waivers. Yesterday, I parlayed him and Joel Hanrahan for Ubaldo Jimenez and Laynce Nix. Not a huge trade by anyone's standards. But, I needed a decent starting pitcher that can strike out batters and maybe win some games for me. Plus, I was able to deal Hanrahan. In this league we are only allowed 6 optional moves, and I have already made 4.

Jimenez joins Johnny Cueto, Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Jorge Delarosa, Joel Pineiro and uggh....Jonathan Sanchez as my starters, with Huston Street and Latroy Hawkins as my closers/MR.

I will probably lose some points in SBs and I have Juan Pierre and Jayson Werth as my top base-stealers after this deal. Plus, I am counting on McCutchen faltering in the near future, and not producing at his current rate. With Jimenez, I have a decent nucleus of starters who can provide some wins and strikeouts, and try to put a dent in my 1.39 WHIP and 4.25 ERA. Jimenez has also shown some slight improvements in his K/BB rate compared to 2008. This season he has a 79/35 K/BB rate, compared to 182/103 in 2008, and he;s on pace for 200+ K's.

Now if only Jonathan Sanchez could get traded to the AL to sent to the minors. Can he turn his season around?

How did I do?