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Monday's Roto Round Up: Beer League Softball In Cleveland

Monday's roto roundup is a short one as there are only two games on the Monday night schedule.

OF, Mark DeRosa, CLE-Derosa hit his 12 HR of the season last night. He is now hitting 12-46-44-.280. I think he would look good playing 3B for the Cubs right now. Or 2B. Or 1B.

3B, Casey McGehee, MILW- McGehee has given the Brewers infield  a big lift with Rickie Weeks injured and Bill Hall slumping. McGehee has filled in at 2B and 3B. and he is now hitting .362 in 69 ABs, with a 12/9 K/BB rate.

SP, Johan Santana, NYM-funny how the different reasons for Santana's poor performance over his last 2-3 starts are starting to filter out now. One tells us he has a blister on his pitching hand. Another says his surgically repaired knee is still bothering him. Something tells me he will be on the DL shortly. Sorta jibes with the Marty Noble story saying the Mets won't be buyers yet.

SP, Clayton Kershaw, LAD-took this info from nuggets

He’s only 21 years old. Seven of the pitchers drafted in the first round of last week’s draft are already older than Kershaw. Kershaw has 171 2/3 Major League innings and he’s still younger than Chad Billingsley was when he made his Major League debut. That was in 2006 and now, three years later, Billingsley has become one of the best starting pitchers in the league.

If Kershaw stays healthy, he’ll probably become the left-handed equivalent of Billingsley. But probably not at age 21. He’s still learning, while being counted on by a first-place club. Four starts back he had a no-hitter through seven innings. Three starts before that he had a shutout through seven innings. In seven of his 12 starts, he’s allowed fewer than three earned runs. If he can do that at his young age, imagine how good he might get.

Does that mean I have to give him a long-term contract in UBA?

OF, Shin-Soo Choo, CLE-Choo hit his 9th HR of the season, and is now at 9 HRs and 40 RBI on the season, to go along with 11 SBs and a .290 Avg. I remember alot of talk about this guy in spring training, and now I know why.

SS, J.J. Hardy, MILW-wow, what happened to him? I called Tulowitzki Hardy-lite in spring training, and I look pretty bad for saying so. He is hitting 5-25-.208, but with a K/BB rate of 39-23...not bad. His BABIP is a low .228, but he has a .727 BABIP when he hits a line drive. Unfortunately for Hardy, he has only hit 23 line drives this season, representing 10% of his ABs. He could be a buy low candidate.