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NFL Draft 2009 Review: TEs Brandon Pettigrew, Chase Coffman

Rookie tight ends are usually not good fantasy options, even worse than rookie wide receivers. Still, there are two rookies with potential that stands out this season.

First round rookie tight ends really have a track record of failure. Vernon Davis, Ben Watson and Kellen Winslow Jr were all highly touted first rounders and turned out to be huge fantasy busts. So I'm reluctant to highly tout Lions' TE Brandon Pettigrew, even though I really like him. He's big (263lb), tall (6'-5") and has a ton of talent. Of course, even with a ton of talent matching a rookie tight end with a rookie quarterback and a rookie wide receiver isn't the best way to go. When you go 0-16 though, you have to start somewhere.

Ninety catches for 984 yards and 10 touchdowns would be a great season stat line for any wide receiver. For a tight end, it's freaking amazing. Those are the stats that TE Chase Coffman put up at Missouri last season. Yeah, I know, you can't mirror college stats into the NFL but the guy has proven he can catch the damn ball. He landed in a great spot in Cincy too; with Houshmandzadeh out of the picture, there are plenty of passes to go around. It's been a long time since Carson Palmer had a reliable outlet guy and Coffman could be that guy starting in Week One.