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Bailing Season: The Lull Period

My article at The Hardball Times deals with the lull period in bail season. This occurs after the first wave of bailing when the easiest trades are made. The teams that had the cap space to add high-priced players for low-priced future value have been completed.

Now teams that want to "help" the bailing teams are still dealing with the milimtations that prevented them from particpating in the initial rush - cap issues, roster-eligibility probelms and/or not-as-attractive future keepers. Teams that want to bail after seeing their chances of competing destroyed by the inherent unfairness of bailing want to bail, but can't either.

I suggest a way to semi-bail and why it works, but it goes against the all-or-nothing fantasy advice. Do you agree or disagree? How do you handle this lull in the bailing season?