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Thursday's Roto Round Up: Raul Ibanez Hits GW HR, Javier Vazquez K's 12

Thursday's roto roundup is highlighted by yet another road win for the Rockies, as they have swept the Cardinals and Rockies.

SP, Andrew Miller, FLA-Miller struck out 8 and walked none in 6+ innings vs the Cardinals. If he can keep the walks down, he may reach the potential the Marlins expected of him when they traded Miguel Cabrera for him and Cameron Maybin.

3B, Ian Stewart, COL-Stewart hit his 12th HR of the season on Thursday. Roto owners are happy with his power to date, but have to overlook the low BA.

SP, Brad Penny, BOS-Penny held the Yankees scoreless for 6 innings while striking out 5. Theo Epstein's blackberry must have received a few emails from GMs looking for starting pitching, especially with John Smoltz ready to come off the DL.

OF, Raul Ibanez, PHI-Ibanez hit a game winning 3-run HR to beat the Mets on Thursday night. I saw the HR, and he pulled a ball that was down and away and hit it to one of the deepestt parts in RF at Citifield. Watching Baseball Tonight a few minutes later, all you heard was WOW from the guys in Bristol as they showed the replay of his HR. You make your own  decision on whether he is juicing or not.

SP, Javier Vazquez, ATL-Vazquez dominated the Pirates for 8 innings, striking out 12 and allowing only 2 hits and 1 run. He lowered his ERA to 3.31, Who would have thought Vazquez would pitch this well in Atlanta? I did not.

3B, David Wright, NYM-he just keeps on hitting and hitting with 3 more hits and his 17th SB last night. I am close to trading for Wright in another NL only league. Not sure he can hit 20 HRs...he SHOULD....but when?

SS, Hanley Ramirez, FLA-Hanley is hitting 8-28-8 and is on pace for ONLY 20-75-20. Are you as disappointed as I am with Hanley this season? Maybe he should go back to leading off??

3B, Russell Branyan, SEA-Branyan hit his 14th HR of the season, and drove in 3 on Thursday. Someone with 14 HRs should have more than 29 RBIs, no?

 DH, David Ortiz, BOS-maybe Terry Francona was right about Ortiz hitting his way out of his slump. Ortiz hit his 4th HR of the season on Thursday and now has his avg. over the Mendoza line. The Nick Johnson to Boston rumors can take a seat for a few weeks now.

SP, David Price, TB-Price lasted only 4+ innings last night has he struck out 6 and walked 6 while throwing 100+ pitches. After watching Clayton Kershaw get pulled on Wednesday night after walking a .160 hitting Josh Wilson, and going 2-0 vs Kevin Correia, maybe the Stephen Strasburg hype should be downplayed a bit, As Eric mentioned yesterday. Price and Kershaw were the two most hyped pitching prospects in the game the last two years. Maybe Strasburg should start 2010 in the minors after all.