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All Star Game Lineups Based on Fantasy Value

All Star Game selections give us lots to complain about.  Year after year we moan and complain about the selections yet we forget who won and who even played days after the game .  Thus is life in a 12-24 hour news cycle.  Would we remember things differently if the players were picked strictly because of their fantasy value?  Probably not but let's do it anyways.  For your mild amusement here are the All Star Game selections for the NL and AL based strictly on 5x5 fantasy value.  Each player's current fantasy ranking is listed next to his name.  The rankings are Yahoo Fantasy and go through Tuesday.

American League

C - Victor Martinez (25)

1B - Justin Morneau (5)

2B - Ian Kinsler (11)

SS - Jason Bartlett (23)

3B - Evan Longoria (13)

OF - Carl Crawford (4)

OF - Jason Bay (9)

OF - Torii Hunter (10)

SP - Zack Greinke (2)

SP - Roy Halladay (7)

SP - Edwin Jackson (16)

SP - Jeff Weaver (28)

SP - Justin Verlander (69)

RP - Andrew Bailey (41)

RP - Frank Francisco (53)

RP - Joe Nathan (74)


OF Nelson Cruz (14)

1B Mark Teixeira (15)

OF Adam Jones (17)

2B Aaron Hill (24)

C Joe Mauer (31)

Notable AL absences include Johnny Damon (26), Adam Lind (30), Miguel Cabrera (37), Curtis Granderson (42), Erik Bedard (76), Ramon Ramirez (83), David Aardsma (103)

NL All Stars after the jump

National League

C - Bengie Molina (225) but really Pablo Sandoval (181) since we're talking about Yahoo leagues

1B - Albert Pujols (2)

2B - Chase Utley (29)

SS - Hanley Ramirez (47)

3B - Mark Reynolds (19)

OF - Raul Ibanez (1)

OF - Justin Upton (32)

OF - Ryan Braun (36)

SP - Dan Haren (8)

SP - Johan Santana (18)

SP - Chris Carpenter (21)

SP - Johnny Cueto (40)

SP - Josh Johnson (48)

RP - Jonathon Broxton (6)

RP - K-Rod (33)

RP - Heath Bell (35)


1B - Adrian Gonzalez (16)

3B - David Wright (20)

OF - Matt Kemp (38)

OF - Carlos Beltran (39)

SS - Miguel Tejada (57)

Notable NL absences include Prince Fielder (22), Ryan Howard (27), Ryan Zimmerman (34), Adam Dunn (61), Trevor Hoffman (43), Yovani Gallardo (54), Ryan Franklin (56), Chad Billingsley (60)

Of course, this is not a perfect system.   Some positions are stacked like NL 1B where Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder get edged out and others are thin like NL SS.  Tejada's the back up but the third most valuable NL SS is Clint Barmes at 112.  Real All Star games aren't the only place where deserving players have to sit at home while the likes of Junior Spivey and Mark Redman get to go.  It turns out fake fantasy games have the same snub factor.  WIth that said if Adrian Gonazalez doesn't make the real All Star team I'll never watch another one again.