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Next Season's Carl Crawford: New York Mets SS Jose Reyes

There has been gnashing of teeth about the production of New York Mets' SS Jose Reyes from the fact 2009 is his 5th season as an everyday major leaguer, and 7th overall, to Buster Olney's article this weekend that suggests Reyes is as good as he will be. That isn't a bad place to be, but, like Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays, the dream projection was greater than 12-15 HRs, 60 SBs and a .350 OBP.

That segues nicely. Next season, will Jose Reyes be this year's Carl Crawford? Like Crawford this season, Reyes will be in his Age 27 next season. Like Crawford coming into this season, doubts will dog Reyes going into next season. Can he stay healthy? If he can't, then he will he see his stolen bases totals affected. Thrown-in the extreme pitcher-friendliness of Citifield, and there is little reason to expect Reyes to reach those 20 HR fantasies, too.

A few weeks ago, I asked whether Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria is a 1st round pick in the 2010 fantasy drafts. To me, the biggest question was who he displaced to get in there. Now, the obvious answer to that is Texas Rangers' OF Josh Hamilton. However, there is likely to be competing advice about outfield and catcher depth that could push Reyes further down the ADPs than we could imagine.

Heck, Crawford is making the case he deserves to be back in the first round.