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Mixed League FAAB

The weekly FAAB bids for the NFBC league of Rotowire's Jeff Erickson are up. The week's top player was Jake Fox of the Chiago Cubs with a FAAB bid of 11.2%. Apparently, my piece on Fox from Saturday could not overcome his ridiculous AAA stats.

Because trades are not permitted in the NFBC, one typically sees bids on all types of potential closers. That explains the 7.1% bid on Randy Choate of the Tampa Bay Rays who picked-up two lefty-lefty match-up saves over the weekend. (Technically, Alexi Casilla (5.7% FAAB bid) is a switch-hitter, but he is worse from the right-side of the plate.)

The week was weak for FAAB bidding. The most intriguing bid was on New York Mets' top prospect Fernando Martinez. One would have expected something closer to Jake Fox's bid, but FMart went for a mere 2.7%. This signals that those most invested in winning fantasy games don't see much upside this season despite a line-up that is giving regular playing time in the outfield to veterans (retreads?) Angel Pagan and Gary Sheffield.