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Bailing: To Regulate Or Not To Regulate

My weekly article at The Hardball Times focuses (again) on bailing and the efforts to balance the freedom of the bailing team against the corrosive effects on the competitive balance of the league. With some of the heavy weights of the fantasy sports industry coming down against trade vetoes, one could imply these same are also against regulating bailing. After all, a bail trade is the type of trade that would be vetoed by all but the most ideological free marketers. (ed: How out of touch with the current zeitgeist!)

For me, the general rule of bailing is to make sure you as the bailing team win the trade on Day One of the comiing off-season. If the season ends, and the deal is still questionable, then you have failed as a bailing team and contributed to the likelihood of seeing bail trades further regulated by your league. (ed: Kind of like the bio-pharm companies who want to charge based on additional days of life provided by their drug?)