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Manny Ramirez: Suspended 50 Games for PED Use

Manny Ramirez has tested positive for PED use and will be suspended for 50 games by MLB. My first thought after getting the phone call from my neighbor, right before going out for a run was, I have him on 3 of my 4 fantasy teams. I better start making some moves for his replacement Juan Pierre.

Luckily, I drafted Pierre in UBA, so I didn't make a move for Manny in the league...yet. In my snake draft, BIG league, I drafted Manny as the last pick in the first round-# 10 overall. So I quickly made a move to pick up Pierre.

While on my run, I was trying to figure out how long Manny had been using PED. Maybe his performance in LA last year was due to PED? We'll find out soon enough...I AM SURE.

The other thought I had was how this affects the Dodgers batting order. I assume Joe Torre's love affair with Russell Martin will continue, and he will bat cleanup, with Andre Ethier moving up to the 3rd spot. James Loney will move to the 5th spot, Matt Kemp to the 6th spot, and Blake to 7th, with Juan Pierre eitehr batting 8th or 9th.

What started out as an awesome start to the season for the Dodgers, leading the majors with a 21-8 record, will be tarnished with today's news. I am sure Torre will handle it professionally as he always does.

The other thing I wonder about....worry how this will impact the Dodgers lineup...specifically Orlando Hudson and Andre Ethier. Both have had all-star seasons to date. This bears watching.

One thing you can count on, Torre will have the Dodgers stealing bases again, in my opinion. Juan Pierre's value increases for sure. Rafael Furcal, Orlando Hudson and Matt Kemp will probably see more green lights on the basepaths.