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Here We Go Again: Favre Might Play For Vikings

ESPN is reporting that fomer Jets' QB Brett Favre is having secret talks with the Vikings about coming out of retirement to play for them.

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre plan to meet at an undisclosed location later this week to discuss the possibility of the former Packers and Jets quarterback renouncing his retirement from the NFL to play the 2009 season with the Vikings, according to a source with direct knowledge of discussions between the two parties.

There is a mutual understanding that sometime soon thereafter Favre will decide whether to sign with the Vikings. The team would expect him to participate fully in offseason minicamps and training camps, which he missed last year with the Jets.

This entire thing is just maddening.  I've been a huge critic of QB Tarvaris Jackson, but I can't see how bringing Brett Favre in helps the Vikings.  Even if you can get past the Arlen Specterish traitor aspect (and Viking fans aren't known for their generosity towards the Pack) I don't know how anybody can be sure that Favre would be a better choice.  Last season he threw more INTs than Chad Pennington, Kerry Collins and Jason Campbell COMBINED.  I know that Purple Favre would mostly be expected to hand off to Adrian Peterson, but even then you can't count on him as he coughed up the ball ten times in 2008.  Why would the Vikes bother?

Most likely the Vikings will spend the off-season courting Favre, Favre will end up spurning them and the only thing that will happen is that the Vikings will look bad and Tarvaris Jackson's already gigantic inferiority complex will get even bigger. It won't end well for Minnesota.

It's no way to run a football team.