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The Best Unknown Performances of the Week 5/30/2009

2B/3B/OF Chris Coghlan, Florida Marlins:  With bail season in full swing, one of the best unknown performances of the week belongs the Marlins' rookie.  For the week, he drew eight walks versus just one K.  Because he hit neither a HR or stole a base, very few noticed how well Coghlan did with these key peripherals.

OF Luke Scott, Baltimore Orioles: Six HRs and 14 RBIs is all fantasy owners need to see to know how great Scott was last week.  I'm as impressed with the three walks and single whiff.  Those skills will keep Scott in the game when Matt Wieters is done letting Scott borrow his super powers.

Sp Jeremy Guthrie, Baltimore Orioles:  14 Ks and two walks ove rtwo starts make me think Guthrie could be in line for the Wins his peripherals have said he should get over the past seasons (7 and 10 despite ERAs under 4.00).  With Matt Wieters' arrival that seems like a lock.

OF Angel Pagan, New York Mets:  Pagan was a trendy sleeper two season ago before being waylaid by elbow surgery.  He is back and starting everyday thanks to a laundry list of injuries to the Mets.  Drawing seven walks versus four Ks is the type of plate discipline that will keep Pagan in the line-up.  Stealing two bases is what will keep fantasy players' attention.

OF Dexter Fowler, Colorado Rockies:  Fowler broke on to the fantasy scene with a five SB game on April 26.  After the rush to the waiver wire to add him, he has swiped just two bases.  Maybe last week's 7 walk week signals the adjustment by Fowler to the league's adjustment to him is complete.  Buying low is the fantasy action if it is.

SS Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays:  Even if you're amongst the 31% who don't consider Zobrist a Top 5 fantasy SS, his six walks and two Ks with 2 SBs in a week's worth of starts says he has the bat skills to be legitimate.