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Fantasy Chat Stew 05/30/2009

The day after Weiters-mas is always a downer, but the fantasy chats stew is still good.  Jayson Stark chimes in with the rationale behind a Dan Uggla trade, and Ben Zobrist gets some well-deserved attention.

Did you know Ronnie James Dio sings on the Vision Quest soundtrack?  Me neither, until injuryexpert tweeted it.  The song is 'Hungry for Heaven", and it is not exactly my favorite Dio sound.  For that Rainbow and Black Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell" fit the bill along with the "Last in Line".

I wanted to post the "Hungry for Heaven" video but couldn't find the cheeseball version I saw on VH1 Classics, so here is a more appropriate Dio song, "We Rock".

Toronto, Canada: Good morning. I am in an 11 team 5X5 AL only pool. What type of hitter could I expect to receive in return for a top closer like Papelbon or Rivera?
Steve Gardner: The problem with that kind of trade is that closers really only contribute in one category -- so it's tough to get a good hitter because they give you stats in three or four. You might be able to get someone like Jacoby Ellsbury, who steals a lot of bases and has been hitting well lately. Or you could see about a buy-low candidate like Alex Rios. But if you're thinking about landing a power hitter, you're probably going to be disappointed.


Josh, CA: AJ, Is Bartlett now a bonafide top 5 SS?? It seems a little late in the season for him to all of a sudden go in the tank.

AJ Mass:Numbers don't lie. I just re-ranked my personal list of MLB value-to-date and Bartlett was #5 - OVERALL. I think there's definitely a regression coming, but not a complete cliff dive, no.

Cam (Peoria, AZ): What in the world do the Braves do with Jeff Francoeur?

Rob Neyer: Trade. Release. Demote. Platoon. The only thing they really can't do is continue to play him every day. Anything else would help the club.

Bryce, Fort Worth: Ouch Brendan! I just lost a 1-9 week with Sizemore, B. Upton and Kinsler doing just about nothing. I am growing impatient with Sizemore and Upton. What do you suggest, it ain't early any more!

Brendan Roberts: Well, unfortunately, there's not much you can do with them. You paid handsomely to get 'em, and they have plenty of upside, trading them now certainly wouldn't help you. For Sizemore, I'd hang on to him. There are hints he'll break out soon, if for no other reason than Grady himself has been admitting his embarrassment and says he's working hard to break out. As for Upton, all those K's make it appear he's either still hurting or the book is out on him. I'd wait for a decent hot streak (of 10-14 days), and then deal him. I really don't think he'll approach even last year's numbers.

Washington, NC: Pavano: Real deal? Andrew Bailey: Real Deal? Jeremy Guthrie: comeback to come? Liriano: time to bail?
Ron Shandler: Maybe, No, No, Probably. Discussed Pavano earlier. Bailey does not have the peripheral skills for long-term success as a closer. Not that this will prevent them from putting him on the mound in the 9th inning, but they employ short leashes there, so his tenure might be short. Guthrie has soft skills and is in a bad ballpark. Liriano's excessive workload last year may be coming back to haunt him this year. I'd bail here, or at least see what the market would give back. Any Twins fans in your league?

Greg (St. Louis): Bumgarner or Strasburg?

Jim Callis: Strasburg.

Nick (MI): Assuming he gets eligibility is Zobrist a good option at 2B the rest of the season?

Eric Karabell: I think Zobrist is a good option at any position at this point. He can play SS and OF, and with 8 homers and the likelihood he reaches 20, I wouldn't worry about 2B so much. In fact, I bet Zobrist plays mostly in right field from here on out. He might not become eligible at 2B at all.

Ed (Baltimore): What can we realistically expect from Jake Fox? Why would the Cubs call him up and just sit him on the bench? Will he see relevant playing time?

Tristan H. Cockcroft: Well, he's a catcher-turned-utilityman, and one with only two-plus years' experience in the outfield. I don't think Lou Piniella trusts him to man that outfield regularly, but "Sweet Lou" can be creative ... I think Fox sneaks in some time, but he's going to have to earn regular at-bats. NL-only appeal, but I'd just monitor him in deeper leagues. Great bat. 

Tommy Hanson GA: if i was called up today would you rather have me or David Price on your fantasy roster.

Pierre Becquey: Sorry, Tommy. Price all the way. I've seen him pitch in the Majors, whereas you still need to prove that you can take that step this season. It's a big leap.

Jeff (NY, NY): How much of an effect do you think that slot going down by 10% will have on the draft?

Keith Law: None. Slot is dead. From the slot perspective, there are burglars in the bedroom while Selig is fiddlin' on the porch.

Kramer (v. Kramer): Can we talk Grady Stephania? Sounds more and more likely that he'll hit the DL come Monday. Agree? How long you think he sits? Ryan Doumit activate-able mid-june?

Stephania Bell: Kramer: It does sound like that will be the timetable. Hafner returning to DH will probably bump Sizemore from that and he's having trouble with throwing. His elbow has been bothering him all season and now is clearly to the point where he's being protective of it - not how you want an athlete playing. There hasn't been much clue as to exactly what the nature of the problem is which makes it hard to give it a timestamp. But he hasn't fully rested it either. So it's quite possible that a DL stint would be sufficient to allow him back. I think the only thing that's fairly safe to assume is that he'll be heading to the DL. He doesn't want to - but it looks like it's happening.

Chris (Hoboken, NJ): How about young David Hernandez? Got the win, but didn't get the Ks he was getting at AAA? Thanks!

Jerry Crasnick: Chris, He used his changeup a lot and pitched out of several jams. If anything, that's more impressive because it showed his poise and maturity. With Chris Tillman getting closer and Wieters coming in tonight, the fans in Baltimore are really starting to have reason to get excited. It's about time.

Bernard(Chicago): Is Dan Uggla the next in a long line of Florida Marlin stars to be dealt?

Jayson Stark: It's a good bet. It won't be any time soon, because they still think they're in the race. But after this year? Good chance of that happening. They know that Emilio Bonifacio's future is at second base, not third. Let's put it that way.

Ryan (NJ): I know he got knocked around a bit, but I really like what I saw out of Derek Holland. He thre strikes, missed some bats and never had one major implosion. Yankees kill lefties as it is. Your impressions?

Kevin Goldstein: I share your impressions.